Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love Theory

On Earth a long time ago, all humans had four arms, four legs and two heads.
When we angered the Gods, they separated us.
For the rest of our lives we search for our other half.
Until we find them we will always feel as if something is missing,
in our hearts, in our minds.
Your other half can be your best friend,
or it can be your lover.
Your life can revolve around them
and theirs can revolve around yours.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Invisible Theory

It's the unspoken truth, it's the monster inside you're closet.
They don't know you, they don't see you and they don't care if you're there
You're invisible, an ignominy to your race
They refuse to tell you, but it's there
It hangs over your head, it's in the air that suffocates you

They are too nice to say what you already know
You're crying, you're quiet
They don't see it, they see you smiling
They notice your happy eyes that hide a layer of sadness

Is this becoming too much to take?
Can no one understand what you hide?
All of us wait for the day when we are not invisible,
when one simple person can peel back the layers of our shells
to see the fragile person that waits for them inside

You're raw and worn down heart can then be touched by your other half
the only person that can see through to your undecipherable eyes
This is the Invisible Theory: that no matter how popular you are,
you are unseen until someone sheds away the cage you hide behind as protection.